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We want to hear your birth story. Any birth story. Maybe the birth of your first child still sticks with you even after the three others that followed. It could be your second birth, the most trying, that you a most proud of. Or, perhaps, the birth that surprised you and had some unexpected twists and turns that is the funnest to share. 

Whatever the motive, we welcome all things birth. 

It is said that two people are born during childbirth -- a baby and a parent. With each potential subsequent birth, the same follows, for a mother of one then becomes a mother of two, and so forth. Parents of multiples will attest to the change in motherhood as the family grows -- still, nothing equates to the feeling of becoming a parent for the first time. The learning curve is steep and the experience is strikingly new. Together, you start a very new, untraveled journey together.

Parenthood creates its own series of unique, hilarious, heartbreaking and loving stories. These are worth telling and sharing. So often, however, it is the origin story that gets lost and relegated to bullet points versus a fully flushed out story. This could be for all sorts of reasons: we forget the details, we don't want to relive the details, or we believe others don't want to hear the details. For all these reasons, it is so important that you share your story. Not just for yourself, but for the audience that will read, internalize, and remember it. 

Here are the details:

  • We welcome your birth "story" in any form be it poetry, vignette, letter to your child, or first-person narrative, just so long as it is coming from you!
  • No minimum word count required, but let's max out at 1,000 words so we can share more stories!
  • Complete the form below to submit your story! If you have trouble submitting the form, you can also email to - no attachments please, just copy and paste into email!
  • While we would LOVE to post all stories, we reserve the right to not publish a story at our sole discretion.